Without a doubt an African Reggae Classics , Those days in nairobi was previously released & went viral all over Africa.
Now with a new fresh sound & and live drums recording ,Dynamq teams up with Damalistik from Roots Survival out of France to deliver the official track alot of Africans call A CLASSIC AFRICAN REGGAE SONG.
 The song talks about how Nairobi once was, Mentioning a few Ghetto areas that had it rough but always found a home listening to great reggae dj’s & selectas in clubs. Clearly the reggae market has changed & it will never be the same ever again but this song brings back a great memory & shows a side of Nairobi that the world haven’t gotten a chance to see or heard about. Music would play all night, if you love reggae music put your hands up high, A great line that Dynamq used on this track to let the fans know that no matter where you come from Black or white, Reggae music is for all of us.