WORLD CITIZEN is Roots Survival’s third riddim. A smooth beat with a soulful guitar riff that you’ll always keep in mind. And as everything even this riddim has an original story…
When nowadays artist-of-the-day I Octane was passing through Roots Survival studio during his first European tour, he just got hooked on a loop that the producer Damalistik played him on guitar. With that base and with the help of Djei from United Flavour band, Roots Survival’s World Citizen riddim was born.

I OCTANE’s “AH NUH ME” shows a complete symbiosis with the musical base delivering a love message that brings no misunderstanding about his skills and talent. Another gifted artist on the riddim is KONSHENS delivering his “WORLD CITIZEN” message of unity and overstanding which is also spread around the world through a videoclip. Konshens himself included it on his album “Mental Maintenance”. Of course you will find more artistes on this riddim such MR.DIAMOND & TIDAL, SLEEPY HOLLOWTIPS, ROBERT LEE and also a big part of the European ROOTS SURVIVAL family: YT, DEADLY HUNTA and PEPPERY aka BONGO CHILLI who independently of each other found a common topic – be and stay real.
Dedicated to every WORLD CITIZEN, from Europe to di World!

You can also listen a megamix here


Few music videos have been done as well :

Based on the eponymous riddim  this tune is not only the flag ship of the whole riddim collection, Konshens himself choosed it for his upcoming album « Mental Maintenance » (out in stores and for download 28th February 2012).

The music video was shot in Summer 2011 in Vienna and we are grateful to each and everyone who made it possible. All the crew, all our friends, all our supporters – we are all citizens of this world.


Although we are presenting „Konshens – World Citizen“ music video, you could and can still check an other motion picture from the „World Citizen“ riddim serie: Sleepy Hallowtips – The Forgottens (co-produced by Bomb Rush rec.), a real Jamaican buzz from the begining of the year 2011!



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